What can employers do to stop sexual harassment in the workplace? Here is my top ten list:

  • Display the poster required by law advising employees about sexual harassment, discrimination and their options.
  • Distribute an information sheet on sexual harassment to each employee.
  • Include an effective policy regarding sexual harassment, discrimination, and discipline in an employee handbook.
  • Regularly train employees on the subtleties of sexual harassment, discrimination and ways to prevent it.
  • Prohibit discriminatory comments or jokes, especially of a sexual or ethnic nature.
  • Institute a non-fraternization policy between management and those they supervise.
  • Fairly enforce sexual harassment policies required by law and those you have instituted.
  • Don’t retaliate against victims of sexual harassment in any manner.
  • Institute a standard complaint and investigation procedure.
  • And lastly, establish and follow a fair and decent dress standard with both sexes to prevent intentional or mis-perceived messages from being given.

Orange County Sexual harassment stops only when employers take steps to prevent it.

Don D. Sessions, an Orange County lawyer, author and law school professor, helps employees enforce their rights.

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