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“Very satisfied with the results based on the fact I started the case so late. Satisfied with Don because he took my case when no one else did. Appreciated courtesy of accepting my case and taking time for my calls with questions. Thank you for believing in my case and taking my case when I felt I had no hope in pursuing my case. I will always be grateful to you.”

– E. C.

Featured Successes

$3.3 million

overtime claims

$1.5 million

whistleblower retaliation

$1.3 million

discrimination claim

Over $100 Million Obtained For Our Clients

$3.3 million

overtime claims


whistleblower retaliation (the client reported legal violations)


female executive who was sexually harassed by the CEO of a billion dollar company


retaliation case where the employee of a hospital complained about unsafe surgical procedures


pregnancy harassment


discrimination and whistleblower retaliation of an accountant

$1.5 million

whistleblower retaliation


wrongful termination of salesperson


male client sexually harassed by a male boss


breach of contract in the banking industry


age disability discrimination for senior executive of a national pet product retailer


wrongful termination of executive assistant

$1.3 million

discrimination claim


secretary who was sexually harassed by her company’s CFO


unpaid commissions, whistleblowing, and reverse sex discrimination of a salesman


age and disability discrimination and breach of contract claims for a senior executive of a start-up company


settlement for disability discrimination. A school district failed to accommodate a teacher when she injured her knee and ultimately terminated her employment because she was not “100%”

$1 million

wrongful termination/whistleblower retaliation for an executive who was forced out for alleged “performance deficiencies”


severance contract dispute of executive


constructive wrongful termination and whistleblower retaliation for female executive


several Hispanic workers who were laid off because of their national origin


sexual harassment of a sales clerk

These results were dependent on the facts of the case, and results will differ

Other Testimonials

I like Heidi’s knowledge which was provided to me. Words cannot describe how wonderful Heidi is. I feel as if I have a friend, not an attorney. She was always very supportive in all areas of my cases. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful attorney. Heidi will always be close to my heart.
– Christina B.

I was very satisfied that the following claims were successfully resolved: (1) severance pay; (2) additional wages for work performed by me beyond my official paid termination date.
Sessions & Kimball LP has proven to be an honorable and reliable law firm which is committed to employees’ rights. The expertise and support provided to [me and other former employees] at a difficult time was a blessing to all of us.

Don, you exemplify the very finest in a client rights attorney: an intelligent, personable, shrewd, humanistic, tenacious legal expert with fantastic communication skills (both written & verbal). In my book, you are simply the best! Thank you!!!
– Linda B.

No one but Nicole Nguyen could have handled my case with such passion, care and concern. From the minute I met her, I knew I was in great hands and that she would fight for me. Her depth of knowledge in employment law was not only impressive, but she gave me a sense of peace.
– A. Thomas

Thank you for taking my case. I appreciate that your law firm and your services exist for employees whose rights were demolished.
– Orchid A.

Heidi is extremely articulate. She argued every point with case history, facts and pure documented truth. Heidi really does her homework. I am a perfectionist, so I more than appreciated all of the detailed effort. Heidi did more than her job. I would recommend Heidi and use your services again in a heart beat.
– Lisa H.

Professional, yet friendly attitude and thoroughness to determine facts. Immediate response to telephone calls. Respect from receptionists and office staff, always helpful. Thank you! Your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated. I have much respect for you and your experience. I would not hesitate to recommend a friend to your office for assistance.
– Sylvia C.

Your firm was able to put a closure to my claim which I started with another firm. Steve Kimball was very communicative with me, upfront and straight forward. He was able to get the job done that my previous attorney could not. Quick response time to my first phone call for a phone conference, able to use fax and mail for signing documents – closed my claim in a short time! I wish I had come to your firm at the onset of my claim and I am sure the outcome would have been much greater and satisfying if I had obtained your services earlier on. Thank you for the closure.
– Shirley B.

Don Sessions is an extraordinary employment lawyer. He was professional. Handled my own case with a sense of urgency. Kept in contact and handled my criticism well. Timely, efficient. Everyone helped.
– Deb F.

Steve was excellent and I would definitely recommend him, so yes, I was satisfied. Easy to get a hold of, responsive and friendly.
– Leila B.

Sam was very easy to work with. He always answered our calls or called back asap. Everything went as they said it would. We were always able to reach Sam or he promptly called us back. Very nice and everything went very smooth. Thank you, Sam, it was a pleasure.
– Ronald P.

Everything went along smoothly without too many difficulties. Straight forward conversations with Don. Don – Thank you for all the help. I trusted you to lead me in the right direction, and I am pleased with the results.
– Lisa B.

Steve and the entire staff were always very responsive, courteous and exuded a sense of empathy and compassion. To me, that was very important. When a client is unsure or apprehensive, it is good to know (or feel) someone is really on your side.
– Eve C.

I have already recommended your firm on one occasion and would do so again without hesitation. Sam was constantly professional, concise and responsive. I am very pleased with Sessions & Kimball!!!
– Richard A.

If it was not for Mr. Sessions, I would not have received my compensation. Everyone was very professional and courteous.
– Carol M.

Don’s fast service. Thank you so much Don. I have already recommended you to others. I feel justified now and I know it could have gone either way, but thanks to your experience and tenacity we prevailed.
– Jeanie C.

Heidi is a great lawyer. She knows the law. She is very professional, sincere and kind person. There were days when I was very nervous, and she helped me overcome this. I appreciate everything she did for me. She went above and beyond for me. I’m very appreciative.
– Steve D.

The most valuable service was the initial relief of turning over the entire mess to a competent attorney. It allowed me to move on. You continued far past the place I would have stopped. Tenacity.
– Lynda G.

Steve Kimball fully explained to me the process to where I understood what to expect and there were no surprises. Very professionally executed. Steve, it was fortunate for me when I located you and your law firm. Your services provided the remedy I was in search of. It was an extreme pleasure to have you represent me.
– Philip C.

Don was accessible when I needed to see him or talk to him, and he was good about returning my calls. He also acknowledged what I believed was an unfair lay-off because taking on my case and doing everything possible to achieve the best outcome possible.

It was a pleasure to work with you and I appreciated your support. It was also fun knowing you were a former BYU-er like me! We shared some common ground.
– Kimberly A.

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