Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorney

Workplace sexual harassment is a topic that can be uncomfortable to talk about, but it’s too common to simply ignore. You deserve to work in a safe environment. If that isn’t happening, you should consider speaking with a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. The more you educate yourself about the matter, the more you can assert your rights and seek help.

Types of Sexual Harassment in The Workplace

If you’re experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace and your employer has 5 or more employees, this is a violation of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, and should never be tolerated. Workplace sexual harassment is broken down into two primary categories.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo, translating to “this for that,” occurs when someone in the workplace who has authority over you pressures you to engage in some type of sexual behavior in exchange for an employment benefit or to avoid an adverse employment action. An example is your boss asking you to go on a date with them, promising to give you a raise as a result, or telling you that you will be demoted if you don’t go out with them. This type of workplace sexual harassment isn’t always this blatant. Consider an example where your boss asks you to go out on a date, and shortly after you refuse, you are moved to a different less convenient office location.

Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

A hostile work environment is created through intentional, severe, and/or recurring behavior or comments that affects your ability to do your job and feel safe in the workplace. Examples include your colleagues making derogatory comments or jokes about sex around you. The comments don’t have to be directed at you; the fact that they are made in front of you can be enough to create a hostile work environment. Additionally, the harassment can come from a colleague or a supervisor; it doesn’t have to be at the hands of someone who has power or authority over you in the workplace.

Potential Damages For a Sexual Harassment Claim

If you are experiencing workplace sexual harassment, you may be entitled to recover monetary compensation in the form of economic and non-economic damages. This often includes lost pay as a result of an adverse employment action, damages to compensate for emotional distress, and sometimes punitive damages are awarded as a way to punish your employer and deter them from engaging in this type of behavior in the future. 

How Our Los Angeles Attorneys Can Help With a Sexual Harassment Claim 

Dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace is something no one should ever have to experience. Unfortunately, the reality is that it occurs more often than we’d like to believe. Our goal is to handle all the complex legal matters so you can focus on your emotional wellbeing.

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