Santa Ana Unpaid Wage Lawyers

In the workplace, there isn’t much worse than an employer who doesn’t respect you enough to pay you what you’re owed. You spend your whole life working just to try to take care of yourself and your family, and you deserve every penny that you’re entitled to. When an employer withholds wages that you’re owed, it’s the same as stealing, and you should never tolerate it.

At Sessions & Kimball, we have made it our mission to help protect employees from these predatory types of employers. If you need help recovering unpaid wages in Santa Ana, contact our wage attorneys by using our contact form or by calling us at (949) 380-0900.


Why You Need A Santa Ana Lawyer

Generally speaking, employers don’t accidentally withhold wages. While it happens occasionally, most employers do this intentionally as a way to try to save money. They assume that most people need their jobs badly enough to not confront them about it. This is unacceptable. If you are experiencing wage theft of any kind, contact a Santa Ana wage theft lawyer so they can help you recover everything you’ve earned. You can try speaking with your employer first, but if you already have an employment law attorney, they’ll know how serious you are and hopefully won’t try to take advantage of you any further.

Examples Of Unpaid Wages That Could Lead To A Lawsuit

  • Being misclassified by your employer as an exempt employee or an independent contractor
    If you’re classified as being exempt from overtime when in actuality, you shouldn’t be, you’re missing out on earning a significant amount of money. Additionally, contract employees have many more protections than independent contractors. If you aren’t an independent contractor but your employer is trying to classify you as one, this is unfair and unlawful. Our Santa Ana unpaid overtime attorneys can help.
  • Failing to provide meal and rest breaks
    Under California law, all non-exempt employees must receive a thirty-minute meal break if they work for at least five hours in one day. The break must be provided within the first five hours of the workday. If you work more than 10 hours in one day, you are legally entitled to 2 thirty-minute breaks. Additionally, if you work more than three and a half hours in one day, you are entitled to a ten-minute rest break. For every four hours you work, you are permitted to take a ten-minute rest break. If your employer makes you work through your breaks, they’re basically making you work during periods that you should be getting paid to rest. This is unacceptable and almost always negatively affects productivity.
  • Failing to provide hazard pay
    In some circumstances, an employer agrees to compensate an employee with hazard pay when they are working in hazardous conditions or performing work that involves physical hardship. There is no law requiring an employee to provide hazard pay, but if they’ve agreed to do so and then they refuse to compensate you for it, this is not legal.

We Can Help You Recover Your Wages

If you work for an employer who is withholding wages that you’re entitled to, contact the Santa Ana employment law attorneys at Sessions & Kimball immediately. There are many subtle ways that an employer essentially steals from you, and none of them are acceptable. We’ve been helping employees fight back for decades. We treat all of our clients like we would want our own family members to be treated.

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