Newport Beach Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace is a terrible experience. You might be angry, scared, frustrated, disgusted, or all of the above and more. At Sessions & Kimball, we want to protect you and make sure you are well represented. No one has the right to sexually harass you. If you’re experiencing this behavior in the workplace, contact a Newport Beach employment lawyer immediately. You don’t have to tolerate illegal activity under any circumstances.


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What Is Sexual Harassment?

In California, sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal. The two main types of workplace sexual harassment claims are quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environment sexual harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when a supervisor offers an employee some type of benefit in exchange for a sexual favor, or a supervisor threatens an employee with an adverse employment action if they don’t agree to submit to certain sexual demands. Hostile work environment sexual harassment occurs when sexual harassment is severe and repeated, and it makes the workplace hostile, offensive, intimidating, or abusive.

Can Both Men And Women Be Sexually Harassed In The Workplace?

Absolutely. Regardless of your sex or gender, you can experience sexual harassment in the workplace. It is illegal no matter what. Additionally, you can be sexually harassed by a person of the same gender or sex.

The Most Common Type Of Workplace Sexual Harassment

The most common type of workplace sexual harassment is sexually derogatory comments. You might work with someone who often makes ‘jokes’ or negative comments but doesn’t see an issue with their behavior. While they may not intend to sexually harass anyone, intent doesn’t matter. If you feel comfortable speaking with this person and voicing your complaints, that’s not a bad idea. Make sure you document everything. If they aren’t receptive to your comments or you don’t feel safe talking with them, this is when you want to report it to a supervisor or even contact a Newport Beach employment attorney for help.

If A Co-Worker Asks Me On A Date, Is This Sexual Harassment?

If you have a co-worker who asks you on a date once, this probably doesn’t amount to sexual harassment. If you’ve already said no and they keep asking you over and over and bothering you about going out with them, this is likely to become an actionable sexual harassment claim. Additionally, if someone at works asks you on a date and you are punished for saying no, this is absolutely sexual harassment.

Is It Sexual Harassment If A Co-Worker Keeps Staring At Me?

In some circumstances, this could amount to sexual harassment. In one case, the California courts determined that a hostile work environment was created when a supervisor often ‘leered’ at an employee’s breasts over the course of two years.

No One Deserves To Be Treated This Way

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you deserve to be treated unfairly, or that sexual harassment in the workplace is the norm. If your Newport Beach employer or someone in your workplace is sexually harassing you, this is never acceptable and should always be reported. If this type of behavior is happening to you, it’s probably happening to someone else, or it will happen to someone else in the future. Report it and hold your accuser accountable. We can help you. Contact the office of Sessions & Kimball in Newport Beach by using our online contact form or call us at (949) 380-0900 for a free consultation today.