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Orange County Employee Reinstatement Rights Part 1

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After enduring a long convalescence, that humdrum job never looked so good! An employee may have a right to be reinstated to a former job upon returning from medical leave (employee reinstatement rights). The Family and Medical Leave Act generally applies to an employee who has worked for an employer with over 50 employees for…

Broken Promises From An Employer

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Employee Rights Attorney in Mission Viejo, California “A man’s word is his bond”- or so it was hoped to be for centuries. Unfortunately, many employees have found that employers do not always follow that creed. Are promises of the employer binding? What recourse does the employee have for broken promises? Promises Before Employment Promises by…

Company’s Promise on Job Switch at Issue

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by Patrick Mortimer Employee Rights Attorney Mission Viejo, California Q: After 19 years as a union foreman, I was asked to take a non union supervisor position. I was concerned about losing the union health insurance benefits, but management assured me health insurance funded at $3,000 a year would be put into an annuity at…