Orange County Age Discrimination

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Age discrimination, a form of Orange County employment attorney, is illegal. As most workers will live to be over 40 years of age, this claim applies to more workers than any other discrimination claim. Simply put, age discrimination is rampant and increasing.

Federal law protects workers over 40 who have been discharged, demoted, or subjected to adverse treatment while performing a job according to the employee’s reasonable expectations. It is limited to workplaces with 20 or more employees.

It also requires that an agreement not to sue, to be valid, must be understandable, offer something above what is already owed, advise consulting an attorney, give a fixed time to sign, and give seven days to revoke after signing, along with other conditions.

State laws may provide even greater protection to employees regarding age discrimination by extending this application to workers under 40 and to employers with fewer than 20 employees. Also, state enforcement agencies may be quicker and more aggressive than their federal counterpart.

So those who are older may not only be wiser but also better protected against age discrimination and other forms of employment discrimination and harassment.

Don D. Sessions, an Orange County attorney, author and law school professor, helps employees enforce their rights.

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