Orange County Employee Final Paycheck Tips

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Losing a job is tough enough without worrying about the final paycheck or, even worse, unpaid wages.

Legislators across the country seem to agree; almost every state has laws on final pay.

In California, for example, it must be paid on the date of termination if the employer terminates the employee, or within 72 hours of the date of termination of the employee quits without giving 72 hours written notice. If it is not paid as required, the employee’s wages continue for thirty workdays or whenever it is paid, whichever occurs first. These payment laws may include not only fixed wages but also expenses, vacation pay, bonuses and commissions.

Don’t consider receiving your final paycheck as your final entitlement. Evaluate all wrongs you endured during your employment and at the time of termination.

Every paycheck is important, but none so much as the final paycheck. It’s the one that has to last until you get another job.

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