Orange County Employee Outplacement Options

Posted by Sessions & Kimball |

Your employer has just fired you in one breath and in the next offers you free outplacement services to find a new job.

Employers often pay for outplacement services because fired employees who find a new job quickly are less likely to sue for wrongful termination. These services might include classes, counseling, offices, telephones, and answering services, typing, and databases.

Outplacement services aren’t the only option, however. In fact, you may be just fine on your own. Many books, software programs and resume preparation services are equally helpful. Some states, such as California, sponsor free job search and counseling organizations.

Employment agencies or executive search firms may be more aggressive in finding you a job, and their fee may even be paid by your new employer.

So before you accept your former employer’s offer of outplacement services, consider asking for the money instead. It may be better used in paying bills or even financing a trip to Hawaii.

Don D. Sessions, a Mission Viejo attorney, author and law school professor, helps employees enforce their rights.