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It happens every year; vacations get me more organized and productive.

Nonsense say some business owners. Vacations cost money, and employees are not as focused immediately before and after time off work. However, employers should not just tolerate employees vacations, but appreciate their value.

I suspect many employees are like me. Everything gets more orderly before a vacation. I re-evaluate my priorities, work harder, resolve procrastinated projects, and clean my office. Even my wife feels a need to “organize the nest” at home before a vacation.

During vacations, I spend more time with my family and do things I couldn’t normally do, including getting more sleep. Just as weekend rest can recharge batteries for short‑term bursts of energy into the following week, annual vacations can renew long‑term focus.

After a vacation, I’m usually more patient, organized, and willing to dedicate myself to my work.

So to improve your work as don’t work—at least for a while.

Don D. Sessions, an Orange County employment attorney, author and law school professor, helps employees enforce their rights. © Don D. Sessions

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