Orange County Employment Tip: Show Enthusiasm

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If you are not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm, said Vince Lombardi.

Enthusiasm. Is it really that important?

Can we just do our jobs and survive in the workplace?

Survive, perhaps but not thrive and maybe worry about job security. Enthusiasm implies a positive, vigorous, zealous, teachable, results-oriented, attitude and is super-important for successful Orange County employment.

What are your goals? Is your job just a means to earn money, or a valued part of your life experience? Do you want a larger raise, a promotion, or more job satisfaction? By the same token, do you want to avoid criticism, job burnout, demotion or layoff?

Those who are enthusiastic regard work as an opportunity and not just a necessity. They are often happy with their work and with those with whom they work. Enthusiasm isn’t necessarily the result of job satisfaction, but often its cause.

Getting ahead at work is necessarily competitive. Orange County Employment Tip: Enthusiasm gives you an edge your boss can’t ignore.

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