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Are you concerned about your job? Fretting about Orange County job security? How do you avoid unintentionally making job security insecure?

Have you ever thought of disputing your performance review, even on a minor point or to higher management?

After all, you certainly don’t want incorrect comments to be held against you in promotions, raises, or layoffs.

The problem is that removing objectionable items from your review doesn’t necessarily do the same from your supervisor’s memory. In fact, it may become a bigger issue, such as a grudge, if your protests attacked your boss’s judgment, honesty or performance.

So how do you correct unfavorable reviews without hurting yourself more in the process?

Don’t argue about minor errors. Submit your rebuttal to be considered and filed only, without insisting that the review be changed. Diplomatically request that your evaluation be reconsidered in a face‑to‑face private setting.

But above all, consider possible repercussions of losing a long‑term career war to win a short‑term review battle.

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