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You deserve severance pay!

Contrary to the advice of the few books on this topic, you have every right to receive or increase severance pay, especially when your employer wants you to sign a full release of your rights.

Termination of employment is not just a disappointment, but an opportunity as well.  It’s a chance to cash in on workplace wrongs during, ending, or after your employment.  It’s judgment day—and you’re the prosecutor, not the accused!  Knowing and using your rights to negotiate the best severance package is your most powerful tool.

Evaluate your rights regarding overtime, commissions, breaks, leaves, discrimination, retaliation, unfairness, broken promises, fraud, and slander.  Read books, call government agencies, or talk to an attorney, not only about what you can get, but also what you have to give up.

But whatever you do, don’t sign away your rights until you know them.  After all, a pot of gold may be waiting.

Don D. Sessions, a Mission Viejo attorney, author and law school professor, helps employees enforce their rights.

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