Orange County Sexual Harassment Update: Looks Discrimination

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Can employers discriminate against you because of your looks? Well, maybe. There is no doubt they do. A television program sent many sets of equally qualified job candidates to be interviewed at various businesses. Invariably the better-looking person got hired. Looks also influenced promotions, demotions and terminations.

In most cases, looks discrimination is perfectly legal. Employers may offer employment only to those with the “right” appearance. So if you want the job, try enhancing your looks along the lines of “dress for success” principles and do the best with what you’ve got.

However, it is illegal if the “look” the employer discriminates against is related to race, gender, age, physical disabilities, or any other classification in which discrimination is forbidden by law.

You should pursue your rights if others are treated more favorably based on illegal discrimination. Then enjoy the dejected look of your employer as you collect your money damages.

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