Orange County Employee Secret Tape Recordings

Tape recording a conversation can make the difference in proving a workplace allegation or case.  With it, your word is more believable than another’s. But too many employees incorrectly assume the ends of proof justify the means of tape recording.  It may even be...

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Firm May Be Liable for Assault by Co-Worker

Employee Rights Attorney Mission Viejo, California Q: "I was an employee at a firm for about six months. One day, one of my co workers who has a bad temper spit in my face during a discussion. "I immediately reported the incident to my supervisor, but he did not do...

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Myths at Work: Ten Myths At Work

Employee Rights Attorney Mission Viejo, California As an employee rights attorney, I have interviewed thousands of employees about their workplace rights. It has appeared to me that there is a general pattern of misconceptions. Here are the top ten myths at work as...

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Employee Rights Attorney Mission Viejo, California Q: After I left the company where I served as an on site project manager, a subcontractor sued the company, its owners and five employees, including me, over an unpaid bill. As a result, I have hired a lawyer at $265...

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Rules That Define Contractors Vary

by Patrick Mortimer Employee Rights Attorney Mission Viejo, California Q: I have worked for my boss for 12 years. I was told I was going to be considered an independent contractor instead of an employee. My boss gave me my schedule and said it pays half of my medical...

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