Deadlines on Orange County Employee Rights

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Procrastinators beware: there are deadlines on your Orange County employee rights!

Justice must be executed swiftly to be effective and is compromised by undue delay. Memories, as well as the availability of witnesses and documents, fade over time. Possible wrongdoing employers cannot be held hostage to claims extending into a limitless past.

Many deadlines depend on the nature of the claim but can be as short as a few days in some union contracts or arbitration agreements. Legal deadlines also vary from state to state. In California, a claim for discrimination, slander or whistle-blower retaliation has a one‑year deadline, while a claim for breach of oral contract has a two‑year deadline. So don’t delay or risk losing some hard-won Orange County employee rights including jury duty leave rights.

Those who even think they might have a claim should take action promptly, have the claim properly evaluated, and then do something about it.

Remember, if you fail to take timely action and let your legal deadlines lapse, your choices will be made for you.

Don D. Sessions, an employee rights specialist Orange County employment lawyer, author and law school professor, helps employees enforce their rights.

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