Orange County Employee Harassment

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Are you concerned that you’re a victim of employee harassment? Tip: Talk to your harasser first!

Dirty jokes, profanity, pornography, unwanted flirting in the workplace. Sexual harassment and other forms of employee harassment on the job is not new.

What can you do to try to stop it without hurting your career?

Go to the harasser privately, especially if he is your boss, and clearly express your concerns in a diplomatic way. It’s simple and practical, but many people avoid it.

“Bob, I enjoy working here, but please don’t tell me any more dirty jokes.”

That request alone may change his behavior. He will most certainly appreciate your consideration in not going over his head first. Furthermore, if you do complain to his superiors, while you might win the battle and stifle the sexual harassment, you may ultimately lose the war if it subjects you to other workplace conflicts. You still have to continue working with him.

Balance your legal rights with practical solutions. Remember, your goal is to resolve the problem, not create new ones.

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