Orange County Employment Interview Questions Part 1

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What about Illegal Questions of Citizenship, Ancestry, Relatives?

Can prospective employers ask personal questions in an interview? Laws say “No,” because some may indicate a discriminatory motive; possibly Orange County employment discrimination. Employers can’t ask if you intend to become a citizen or require naturalization or alien registration prior to employment. Through online research, check out the types of questions your interviewer will most likely ask you in order to get a better understanding of you as an individual. There will be a range, but nothing that is very personal that you will feel uncomfortable in answering. They can ask if you can verify your legal right to work in the United States after you’re hired. Employers can ask what languages you speak, write, read, or understand if a foreign language is relevant to the job. They can ask for names of relatives you may have working for the company or a competitor, or who (but not a “relative”) to notify in case of accident or emergency. However, they can’t ask about your ancestry, lineage, national origin, or the language commonly used by you or how you acquired your foreign language ability. If you’re not offered the job and believe illegal questions were asked during the hiring process, you might have a claim against the employer.