Can I Sue for Being Bullied in the Workplace?

Most of us probably witnessed bullying while growing up in school. We probably all thought that it would end when we moved on into the workplace. But it doesn’t. And some of the worst bullying we may ever face can be in the workplace. As with other types of bullying,...

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Where is LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace Still Legal?

When it comes to LGBT rights, we live in a transition time here in the United States. There have been rapid changes over the last few decades with respect to attitudes towards LGBT people, with the greatest turning point probably being the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015...

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Chipotle Employee Fired For Being Pregnant Wins $550k

Chipotle, whose burrito restaurants have spread over the country over the past 20 years, has faced a number of challenges and questions over its products and workplace procedures as of late. While there have been many headlines over the past several years relating to...

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