Orange County Unemployment Benefits Advice

I was fired so I cannot get unemployment benefits. This is a common misconception I often hear from clients. It is too bad because many of these workers may be unwittingly failing to claim thousands of dollars of unemployment compensation. Certainly layoffs are the...

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Orange County Employee Outplacement Options

Your employer has just fired you in one breath and in the next offers you free outplacement services to find a new job. Employers often pay for outplacement services because fired employees who find a new job quickly are less likely to sue for wrongful termination....

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Orange County Employment Mediation

On the world scene, peace talks are usually considered a better way to attempt resolution of disputes than armed conflict. Similarly in the workplace, mediation may be a better way to resolve workplace disputes than fighting it out in court. Mediation is non‑binding,...

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Orange County Employee Final Paycheck Tips

Losing a job is tough enough without worrying about the final paycheck or, even worse, unpaid wages. Legislators across the country seem to agree; almost every state has laws on final pay. In California, for example, it must be paid on the date of termination if the...

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